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Mold Remediation Services

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Following water damage, mold has a prime opportunity to grow quickly and rampantly in any type of building, from residential to commercial structures. When you suspect mold had infiltrated your property, call Square One Restoration, Inc. immediately for the most competent, professional mold remediation in Northeast Wisconsin.

Extreme flooding, frozen and burst pipes, and unfortunate sewage backup are all gateways to mold growth in your building. Incomplete or delayed water removal can create the perfect environment for mold to expand. If you’ve got a cool, dark, damp area in your home or office, you can be almost positive that there may be mold hiding in its depths.

Mold can cause a variety of problems in your building, especially if it invades your air duct or HVAC system. Some physical symptoms of mold in your building include:

  • A musty, stale odor
  • Discoloration and peeling of the wallpaper
  • Unusual bulging or dampness in walls
  • A white, gray, green, or brown fuzzy substance on surfaces
  • Severe respiratory reactions for those with asthma

Our proper mold remediation includes an inspection to assess the damage and reach of the mold. We then contain the area and remove the damaged property.  Square One Restoration will make sure that no mold spores remain by treating all surfaces with an antimicrobial solution to help in prevention of the return of mold.

Mold can be dangerous and create many complications in your life if not treated immediately and correctly. Square One Restoration offers emergency mold remediation 24/7/365 so that you never have to worry about the prolonged threat of mold. Call Square One Restoration  to schedule your mold inspection and remediation.

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