Contents Cleaning Technology

Each item is cataloged using iCat Auto Catalog technology, then hand or machine cleaned, dried and deodorized. Every item is stored in a controlled environment until it’s time for us to return them to their rightful owner. We treat every piece like it is our own. Our technology and expertise are leading the way in restoration and property reclamation. These technologies and services include:

ONSITE DEODORIZING: After removing your salvageable items, we utilize Odorox cleaning equipment at the scene of the damage. These machines aggressively circulate air through odor-killing UV chambers until the odor is removed from the air, contents, and structures.

iCAT AUTO CATALOG TECHNOLOGY: As an early adopter of new technology, Square One can streamline the restoration process for both homeowners and insurance companies. Introducing iCat Auto Catalog technology. Using photo recognition via a Smartphone, our content cleaning technicians can visually scan a household item to instantly itemize for salvage, catalog, and price for replacement costs. This technology greatly expedites the claims process and gets the restoration project moving faster.

ESPORTA WASH SYSTEM: Square One and Esporta have teamed up to bring a unique cleaning system to Northeastern Wisconsin. With a 160 lb. wash capacity, the Esporta Wash System will professionally clean hard and soft household goods as well as sports equipment.
The Esporta Wash System is a patented technology that utilizes both hydraulic and mechanical energy to remove soil and contaminants and ensure a safe and thorough cleaning cycle. After an environmentally safe cleaning process that targets smoke odors and eliminates mold and bacteria, the contents are then thoroughly dried before being repackaged for delivery or pick up. The use of this machine is designed to save you and your insurance companies thousands of dollars by cleaning items otherwise deemed unsalvageable.

ELECTRONICS CLEANING CABINET: We have at our own facility in a static-free environment with a specially trained technician to disassemble, assess, clean and reassemble your electronics to pre-loss condition, saving time and the possible repair costs.

ULTRASONIC TANKS: Our tanks are used to clean items such as figurines, tools, fine china, and crystal. These items are safely cleaned by an ultrasound wave through water, cost-effectively restoring them to pre-loss condition.

UPHOLSTERY CLEANING: Our specially designed machines and trained technicians can effectively clean most upholstered furniture. After the cleaning process, we then store the contents in special units to keep them fresh and clean until we are able to move them back into your home or business.

PACK-OUT AND STORAGE: When a loss occurs, protection of your personal belongings is vital. We effectively assess and photograph inventory, safely wrapping each item for the moving process. The pack-out is streamlined through our cleaning facility, stored, and ready to come back to your home or business.

DRYING: Once cleaned, every item is set on drying racks in our deodorizing chamber. This room is climate controlled and uses odor-absorbing materials to extract any evidence of damage.