At Square One Restoration we specialize in mold remediation and removal. Our fully trained professionals work with Indoor Hygienists to clean and bring your building back to its safest level.  Square One has the equipment and required certifications to safely remove mold from any home or commercial building. We clean with a variety of disinfectants including Benefect Botanical Decon30. This product works on porous and nonporous surfaces killing 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and mold.

Mold damage and odors can occur as a result of several man-made or natural disasters. As a prevention, we recommend that you inspect potential hazards in and around your home.


Every mold loss is different, from the type of mold to the affected area. We have specialized staff to analyze and determine a plan of action for your mold problem.

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Square One Restoration utilizes the latest technology and cleaning methods to remove all types of odors.

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We specialize in the cleaning of both hard goods (wood, metal and glass items) and soft goods (clothes, bedding, toys, etc.)

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